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Success in retail requires point of sale (POS) store management tools that address your current business needs and enable you to respond quickly to change. Candela provides better insight into your business, helping you to improve customer satisfaction, empower your employees to make better decisions, respond to changing business situations, and lower your IT costs.

Since every business is different and needs to provide a variety of services, different POS software will cater to specific types of businesses. Whether you are a retail store, restaurant, or need to process orders on the go, we have the software to get your business running.

Here is a summary of the features in Candela RMS.

Customizable and flexible to adapt to business needs

The system contains data definition module which enables the user to feed all the data regarding the business. For example, the user can feed the new products and all data related to it, user can define vendors of different products, user can define shops etc.

Customizable and flexible to adapt to business needs

Flexible Products and Product Code Definition

System provides options to define products and their attributes based on used preferences. Large number of user defined attributes can be assigned to products. Attributes can be hierarchical and linear. These product attributes are used to get reports for sales, order point, audit, and stocks.

  • Flexible SKU definition is available in Candela
  • Flexible Code Length – 3 to 15 Characters
  • Product Code can be Numeric or Alpha-numeric
  • Same product code with different sizes and colors
  • Product prices can be different for different colors and sizes
  • Product pictures can be attached and are available while making invoices


flexible - candela_assort_002

Complete Bar code enabled software

The system uses a bar code reader to enter sales and transfer of different products. However manual entry is also possible. This ensures the integrity of data and reduces the chances of manual errors.

  • Facility of bar code generation from system
  • Bar code style can be selected from the available templates
  • Sales and returns through bar codes
  • Physical audits through bar codes
  • Stock dispatches and receipts through bar codes
  • Support of Hand Held Scanners (data collectors) through out system


Complete Bar code enabled software

Invoice Generation and Point of Sale

Candela has integrated point of sales terminal which facilitates all the operations to be performed by sales staff at retail outlets. Point of sales is very easy to use and can be operated by salesmen who may not be very educated.

  • Candela generates invoices for sales to customers. Shop staff can be restricted to change and view only limited number of previous sales invoices
  • The system handles the customer sales and returns at the retail outlets.
  • Multiple point of sales terminals can be used at any retail outlet
  • During clearance sales, the discounts are calculated by the system and invoice is generated accordingly.


Invoice Generation and Point of Sale

User Access security Management

The system is secure and only authorized users can operate the system. There is a user access management system which allows access to the users to only those areas for which permission is granted to them. For example, a salesman may not be give the rights to inventory management section. Also, all the actions being performed by a user are logged and record is kept for any future use.

  • The administrator of the system can define system users. Only these users can use the software.
  • The administrator can make different user groups and assign different privileges to those groups. All users who are made part of a group will have the privileges associated with that user group.
  • The system has logging mechanism. All the actions performed by the user, which change the state of system, are logged. Later on, user can see reports related to logging.


User Access security Management

Centralized Management of Retail Operations

Availability of complete data regarding sales and stocks, at a centralized location, is essential for accurate and timely business decisions. Sales and stocks information from different retail outlets is made available at the head office. Similarly, stocks information of all warehouses is available at the head office.

  • Candela provides centralized data into one single, unified source
  • Data from all warehouses and retail outlets is available at head office
  • Centralized data helps in good decision making within the retail enterprise


One Step Data Transfer from Shops and Warehouses

Information transfer from shops and warehouses should be very simple, reliable, and one step process. This activity is to be done by salesmen and store in-charge, therefore, it should be very easy to perform. Candela makes this operation extremely simple and does not involve any one from head office. Salesmen can transfer the data to the head office with a click of a button

  • Single-click data transfer from retail outlets and warehouses
  • Extremely simple and efficient operation
  • No head office involvement is required during data transfer
  • Data transfer can be done over a phone connection (phone to phone)
  • Data transfer can be done over the internet connection


One Step Data Transfer from Shops and Warehouses

Franchise Shops Management

Candela enables the management to configure the retail outlets as company owned or franchised. For Franchised shops, the profit and expense sharing mechanism is defined. Franchisee account management becomes effortless with complete history.

  • Gross Revenue sharing ratio between owner and Franchisee
  • Discount sharing ratio between owner and Franchisee
  • Sharing of expenses between owner and Franchisee
  • Sharing ratio for Member discounts


Stock transfer and Optimization algorithms

Reverse Logistics – Goods returned by customers in Claims

Effective customer service should be provided to maintain a long-term relationship with the customer. If the customer complaints and claims about defective products are handled quickly, the relationship becomes stronger.

  • Ability to handle the customer complaints
  • Customer complaints and claims against defective products
  • Complete workflow is implemented


Key Features

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