Candela – RMS – Retail Management System is a complete barcode enabled solution for managing the operations of small to mid sized retail business. Candela offers retailers a feature-set designed for dynamic and growing companies. Software can be enhanced and its versions can be upgraded with business growth. Candela – RMS – Retail Management System facilitates easier barcode enabled POS functions, vendor management, customer management, inventory tracking and optimization, accounting, and business analysis.

Retails Stakeholders Integrated

Retails Stakeholders Integrated

Candela RMS – Retail Management System is developed based on more than a decade of continous research focusing the issues and problems related to retails operations. The solutions are designed which represent industry’s best practices. Candela RMS – Retail Management System has evolved over a decade physically running at leading retail stores (including many Top brands Retail Chain Stores)

The concept behind Candela is that the retailers can have immediate access to the right information. They can stay current with the changing information of any of the outlets (stores). Up to date information of inventory and sales is available at the desktop of the decision makers.

Key Features

Candela is available as two modules: Store Module and Back-Office. Candela RMS – Retail Management System Store Module provides a complete retail solution that can be run as a stand-alone application in individual stores, as well as connected to the head office using Candela Back- Office. Candela RMS – Retail Management System, Back-Office Module equips retail chains or multi-store businesses to roll up and manage data for all stores from the head office.

In Candela, different departments can be configured in one of the two ways.

Standard configuration is called Standard configuration and is designed to manage the retail operations of grocery, cosmetics, pharmacy and other similar product lines.

Assortment configuration is called Assortment configuration and is designed for retail management of garments, footwear and similar product lines. This configuration has extensive support for assortments and management of product sizes and colors. All entries and reports are available in easy to use matrix of products and sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction In Inventory Cost
  • Reduction In Stock Out Cost
  • Improved Sales To Stock Ratio
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Effeciency in Operations
  • Commanding Control Over Pilferage

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