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According to the Center for Retail Management system, 12% – 15% of customers who are loyal to a single retailer generate between 55% – 70% of company sales. But the other majority of companies are still struggling to get it right.

Loyalty programs in the retail Industry solutions has been there for many years, yet all retailers who have deployed them have not benefited from it. Yet, the ones who have implemented intelligent programs have been able to exploit their member base mainly by analyzing the incoming data. Candela has all the abilities of high retention rates and profit-per-customer despite tough economic times and cutthroat markets

Key Benefits:

  • Build and manage loyalty programs
  • Execute and manage campaigns and promotions
  • Analyze a rich database of customer and transaction information across sales channels
  • Segment and manage lists
  • Analyze and measure the impact of CRM efforts
  • Track customer visits and purchase histories


Key Features:

  • Accurately calculating customers lifetime value which changes over time
  • Detecting behavior indicators across seasons and life changes
  • Track, store and analyze customer analytics related to loyalty programs ROI
  • Monitoring loyalty transaction data in near real time
  • Align loyalty programs with customer purchase behavior
  • Integrating loyalty programs with channel distribution partners
  • Measuring results over years of historical data – loyalty program benefits mature over time
  • Standing out against the saturated loyalty card market



Customer Loyalty Program – Member Club

The system enables the user to manage member club. It allows the user to print bar-code enabled membership cards. Complete track of member purchases and buying pattern is maintained. Member communication is facilitated through system generated letters.

  • Ability to generate loyalty cards
  • Make promotion schemes for members
  • Communicate with members
  • Analyze member sales


Customer Loyalty Program - Member Club

Key Features

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