Cross-Location Order Management


Your customer is ready to buy. Your sales associate is ready to help. You have the item, but it’s not in stock at your location. What do you do—spend hours calling other locations and risk losing the sale?

Finding the perfect balance with inventory levels is the ultimate challenge for retailers. Overstocked items can kill you with excessive markdowns, but even worse, out-of-stock items lead to lost sales, walkouts, and potentially lost customers. While stock outs are inevitable, lost sales are preventable with cross-channel order management software.


Key Features:

  • Real-time, rules-based flexibility
  • Operates as an out-of-the-box software product
  • Integrates point-of-sale, order management, and website inventory visibility
  • Configurable to meet your requirements
  • Minimizes the administration time to locate merchandise through conventional means


Key Benefits:

  • “Save the sale” offering home delivery or in-store pickup
  • Provide loyalty-building customer service
  • Handle transactions quickly
  • Reduce overhead by eliminating manual send-sale and inter-store transfers
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction


Automated stock refilling at retail outlets

One of the core strengths of Candela lies in the automated stock distribution ability. Candela enables the users to transfer the stocks to the retail outlets automatically. The system has information about the sales and inventory of retail outlets. Based on this information, the system generates stock transfer orders for all retail outlets.

  • Manually it is not possible to calculate, what is required at each outlet
  • Candela calculates the required quantities automatically, according to inventory re-order levels
  • Many Stock optimization algorithm are built in Candela to suit routine business needs
  • Mismatch between the dispatched stocks and received stocks are handles by the system.


Automated stock refilling at retail outlets


Stock transfer and Optimization algorithms

The system can handle the transfer of inventory from one branch to another. In such case the inventory of the source is adjusted on dispatch, while the inventory of the destination is adjuted on receipt of the goods. The system keeps the track of inventory and stocks which are in-transit i.e. which are dispatched from one location but are not received by other location.

  • Stocks are optimized across retail outlets based on shop priorities
  • Automated transfers based on inventory re-order levels
  • Excess Inventory stock outs based on inventory levels
  • Season End stock outs
  • All transfers take care of in-transit stocks


Stock transfer and Optimization algorithms

Stock transfer and Optimization algorithms


Key Features

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