Retail Solution:
Case Study: Candela
Client: EPCOT Shoes

The Situation

Footwear retailers have to manage large number of designs in varying categories like dress shoes, sandals, sports shoes etc. Management of assortments is a big challenge for footwear retailers.

The Solution

Candela has proven track record of helping Footwear retailers in their growth and increased profitability. Candela is working at single location footwear stores and also multi-location footwear chain stores. Candela is an excellent solution for management of footwear retail business.

The Results

Now EPCOT is using Candela for last 8 years and they admire its capabilities. They are using Candela to manage footwear retail and footwear wholesale business. Candela is really very helpful in increasing sales with minimum stock levels, through refilling the stock assortment levels and inventory remains updated always. It is also very helpful in managing stock dispatches. They strongly recommend Candela to all footwear retail chain and wholesale business for management of their sales, inventories, future planning, and accounts receivable positions of customers.

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