Case Study: Candela
Date of Completion: February 7, 2012
Client: Khaadi

The Situation

Apparel retailers have to manage continuously changing fashions and designs. Management of assortments is a big challenge for apparel retailers. As the number of designs or products increases, the inventory management becomes more critical and complex.

The Solution

Candela is an excellent solution for management of garments/apparel retail business.  Candela has proven track record of helping Apparel retailers in their growth and increased profitability. Candela is working at single location apparel stores and also multi-location apparel chain stores.

The Results

Candela has played a key role in growth of their business. The automated stock distribution algorithm to outlets is fantastic for maintaining the required stocks at retail outlets. The stocks can be shuffled and moved between different locations with ease and complete audit trail. They have achieved substantial increase in their sales through analysis of trends and efficient stock management.

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